The violin, the viola, the cello, the guitar and other instruments are put in the box when they are not used. The piano box can not only protect the instrument, but also make it convenient for the performer to carry it with him. An upscale instrument usually matches a fine box. The wood, plastic, metal and leather are used in the manufacture of the harp box. With the development of science and technology, carbon fiber, which was originally used in high-tech fields such as airplanes and rockets, can also manufacture various kinds of small items, such as piano boxes and carbon fiber boxes, which are strong and durable.

Carbon fiber harp box has many advantages, the most notable is the high strength and light weight. Compared to the same volume of steel and carbon fiber, the weight of the carbon fiber is only 1/4 of the steel, and the strength is several times its strength. The piano on the carbon fiber instrument box to carry, almost do not feel case weight, and walking and other things bump, does not have the slightest damage. The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber is also great, and it is not afraid of acid and alkali solution. Look at the case of other materials, wooden box, easy to damp wet chin, moth eaten rotten; plastic case of light weight, but the intensity is not high, not too strong external impact; strength of metal box piano is enough, but the weight is heavy, inconvenient; leather protective performance of sharp words encountered something will be greatly reduced.

The durable carbon fiber box has been sold on the market. If you need it, please provide your related drawings.

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