Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a kind of advanced and advanced material. It has high hardness and high strength. Although its performance is superior, it is difficult to process it for the two time. When the products of carbon fiber composite material are perforated, it is very easy to tear, layer and unevenness. The large carbon fiber products need to determine the hole position of the coordinate structure, must be processed by hand in hand but bench drilling, drilling, processing condition is very unstable, there are many uncertain factors and human impact, resulting in the manual drilling hole wall quality is not stable, the periphery of the workpiece material defect is more serious than the processing equipment. Especially the hole exit tear is more serious. The manufacturing cost of large carbon fiber composite parts is very high, usually the number of holes processing is more. Any quality problems during drilling will form product defects, which directly affect the assembly quality of parts, and seriously lead to parts scrapping, causing huge losses.

Because the carbon fiber layer each angle anisotropy, low interlaminar strength and the hardness of carbon fiber composite materials, high performance, high strength and brittle heat capacity difference, leading to drilling bit wear, the cutting torque and cutting heat, parts and materials in cutting force under the action of occurrence of hole wall around the material stratification, hole exit tear phenomenon. In the case of drill diameter and the cutting geometry under the drilling speed and feed speed are the main factors influencing the axial force, the axial force decreases with increasing rotating speed increases with the amount of feed, and the effect of feed rate is far greater than the speed of the impact, so the amount of feed is a key factors to control the axial force. Tearing occurs on one side of the outlet hole exit the surface layer, the most common defect in the drilling of the drilling is due to close drilled, the axial force of the drop rate is less than the rate of decline of the strength of the material, resulting in cutting material does not enter the cutting layer is damaged, produce tear, so we need to reduce the amount of feed in the near borehole drilled when the critical cutting force of drilling force is less than the defects, reduce the hole exit tear phenomenon, at the same time as the drill blade sharp enough, composite fiber was not completely cut off has been drilled through the hole exit tear, causing burr. Therefore, the processing of carbon fiber composite hole, especially near the drill, should choose smaller feed.

The carbon fiber composite parts manual drilling, drill bit, hand-held machining state is not stable, the drill bit center position and the verticality error will occur and change, the operator experience directly affect the quality of hole drilling process, manual feeding quantity is not easy to control, which is the main factor causing the manual drilling quality is not stable in particular, close to the hole drilled by dry cut material suddenly reduced, the moment the material itself drilling force suddenly greatly reduced, resulting in the feed will suddenly increase, appear bit impact drill through the hole exit tear phenomenon, cause more serious.

In order to solve the difficulties in manual drilling of carbon fiber composites, improve the stability of manual drilling and control the feed rate of manual drilling, we need to improve the manual drilling quality of carbon fiber composite materials through necessary technological improvements.

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