Japan’s Toray company has the highest quality and output of carbon fiber in the world. The development of carbon fiber from the company gives people an inspiration, that is, the precursor is the prerequisite for the production of high performance carbon fibers. In other words, without good quality raw silk, it is impossible to produce good carbon fibers, and it is impossible to occupy the market. Today I give you a brief introduction to the development of Toray carbon fiber.

Toray was built in 1926, and industrial production nylon began in 1959. In 1959, it was the time for Shinto Akio to invent the PAN based carbon fiber and published the information in 1961. In 1962, the company began to develop PAN based carbon fiber, which was used as a civil acrylic fiber. Because of the use of civil acrylic fiber for raw silk production of better quality carbon fiber, no users, the loss of the market, have to stop this work. After a lapse of five years (1967), the company optimistic about the prospects for the development of carbon fiber, RE development of carbon fiber, carbon fiber research without re focusing on civil acrylic, suitable for the manufacture of carbon fiber copolymer precursor, to improve the quality of PAN raw silk in the first place, very fruitful research progress.

During the technical negotiation with our country, the company has proposed that the copolymer component is X, which can produce free radicals when polymerized. It can accelerate the pre oxidation reaction and shorten the top oxidation time in the pre oxidation process. The X component caused a strong response in our country. In 1969, the company also mastered the pre oxidation and carbonization technology and its equipment, and had the conditions for the production of high performance carbon fibers. In August 1971, 12 tons / year carbon fiber test line was built in he he factory. In March 1973, a 60 ton / year production line was built, and in October 1974, the production capacity has reached 156 tons / year. The company’s carbon fiber is named T300, and the graphite fiber is named M40o. T300 and M40 have now become the company’s home brand.

Toray has developed PAN T300 from raw silk to T300 and M40 for about five years. Improving, replacing and improving quality took ten years to make T300 become the world recognized universal carbon fiber, and M40 became recognized as graphite fiber. After the successful development of T1000 in 1986, it has been more than 20 years ago. After that, the company has no higher strength new products, mainly for stabilizing the quality and producing 12K or 24K products.

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