Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is made of carbon fiber and other matrix materials through composite technology. It has high specific strength, high specific modulus and high damping capacity, and has excellent performance. It is used in many fields. It is an anisotropic material, and the design of the layer should be paid attention to in the design of the molding. This article is about the design principles of carbon fiber composite laminates.

1, the principle of layer orientation: the type of layer angle should be reduced as much as possible. In practical application, 0° ± 45° and 90° the four kinds of layer angles are most applied.

2, choose the principle of layer orientation according to the load: the direction of the fiber is the same as the direction of the external load.

3, balanced and symmetrical laying principle: carbon fiber composite material has lotus root phenomenon. If the structure is asymmetrical balanced lay, it will produce coupling deformation after curing, and symmetrical laying will not produce coupling deformation.

4, the minimum proportion principle of laying is: in order to prevent matrix stress and reduce moisture and heat stress, the ratio of laying direction to 0&deg, &plusmn, 45&deg and 90&deg is usually greater than 10%.

5, the principle of thickening design: in order to avoid the stress concentration caused by the thickness mutation, the number of layers should be gradually changed according to the number of steps when the thickness of the layer is designed. The step difference of each layer is equal and the width is not less than 2.5mm. On the surface of the structure, the continuous layer is used to avoid the failure of the step disposal layer.

6, the design principle of impact loading: in the CFRP vulnerable parts, there must be enough 45&deg, to spread the load, enough 0&deg, lay the layer to bear the local impact load.

Carbon fiber composite laminates are widely used and can be used for UAV components, medical CT boards, mechanical parts and so on.

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