Because of its advantages of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, earthquake resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, carbon fiber composite materials have been increasing in aircraft applications. With the development of technology, its components have developed from two molding to one molding. This article describes the design and molding process of the aircraft carbon fiber composite components.

For aircraft materials, of course, it requires light weight, high strength, large rigidity and good durability. But for the purpose of saving energy and energy, the problem of reducing material cost is attracting more and more attention. In terms of carbon fiber composite materials, the high cost of previous materials has been a problem. But with the development of design and manufacturing technology, if applied properly, it will not only reduce the re location but also reduce the cost, compared with the metal structure. The measures taken to this end are as follows:

1. Only a proper amount of reinforced fiber is arranged in the necessary position and direction.

2, the design stage should consider the molding process (materials, processing tools and processing costs, etc.).

3, minimize the number of joints, fasteners and parts.

The manufacturing process of aircraft carbon fiber composite components is to manually lay the carbon fiber prepreg according to the design requirements on special moulds and coat with epoxy resin, and finally press and solidify in the autoclave. When making moulds, we should take into account the dimensional accuracy and the thermal expansion coefficient of the carbon fiber composites, and try to control the heating and cooling rate and pressure time when molding, which will affect the final performance of the products.

With the rapid development of high and new technology, the application of carbon fiber composites in aircraft will be more and more.

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