Now the most widely used dental root planting is titanium. The properties of the titanium surface can be further improved after the modification of bioactive ceramics. But the root canal bears a certain masticatory force after successful planting. Because the elastic modulus of metal is quite different from the elastic modulus of alveolar bone, the stress concentration on their joint surfaces affects their bonding strength. Carbon fiber composite is a kind of high performance material. It can not only meet the needs of dental root planting in strength, but also the elastic modulus will be similar to the alveolar bone.

Scientists have done experiments on carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix as a substrate and treated with pyrolytic carbon as a cementum substitute for tooth removal patients. The test results, the use of carbon fiber composite for artificial tooth root is not the absorption of alveolar bone, prevent upper jaw deformation. It is a method of making slurry made of about 20% segments of the hydroxyapatite added in thermosetting phenolic resin, as a reinforcing agent is coated on the surface of carbon fiber composite implants with preoxidative fiber, and then heated in a high temperature of 1000 DEG C, so that its surface to form a layer of modified membrane, modified calcium the film will increase with the increase of hydroxyapatite.

For the root planting technology of carbon fiber composite materials, there are several places need to pay attention to, first of all, kinds of carbon fiber is more, in order to find a suitable need, after repeated tests, according to scientists, PAN based carbon fiber effect a little better. The addition of hydroxyapatite is also one of the most important factors. Generally, the control is around 10%~20%. In addition, calcium content is also a prudent consideration, which directly affects the rigidity and strength of dental root planting.

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