Carbon fiber is a high performance fiber material. It has many advantages such as small density, high strength, high rigidity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. So it has been applied in many fields. Because of the high hardness and brittleness of carbon fiber, it is not easy to process it. A little inattention will destroy the whole component. Drilling is a common processing step, and the following is to explain some of the defects in the process of carbon fiber drilling.

In the drilling process, the drilling of carbon fiber composite materials, the tool first makes the fiber peel, then it is cut off, the effect of entrance hole stripping on the outer end of the material maximum, when the fiber is peeled off, the cutter bit must also cut the carbon fiber, if not completely cut off or over specific cutting force strength of resin will make the hole entrance splitting. The drilling process has applied axial force on the surface of the material, so that each layer of carbon fiber composite laminates are along the thickness direction by a tensile force, resulting in the hole wall around the material layer a layer of stress, the interlaminar stress is too large, prone to delamination.

In addition, in the process there are also some problems, carbon fiber is an excellent hardness and steel materials, so in order to reduce the drill wear be roughly the same, and we try not to use the tool of high speed steel, recommended as hard alloy, diamond tool materials, high hardness, reduce the wear of drill. There may be a problem of dust in the process of drilling.

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