Because carbon fiber is an anisotropic material with high strength, light weight and large hardness, it is difficult to machine. For example, when holes are processed, tear and frill are easy to appear at the outlet. The phenomenon of burrs is that the fiber can not be cut off along the hole at the outlet of the hole, resulting in a large fiber edge. It’s also called fuzzing. The size of the tear is bigger than the size of the burrs, which has a greater negative impact on the actual use of the carbon fiber components. Here’s a detailed description.

Influencing factors:

(1) the higher the bit speed, the smaller the layering and tearing, and the greater the feed speed, the greater the layering and tearing.

(2) the cutting speed has a small effect on the edge and tear, which can be ignored; the increase of feed and the greater the tearing.

(3) under the same cutting conditions, the greater the diameter of the bit, the greater the tearing.


(1) high speed drilling: axial force is the main cause of hole defects. When other conditions remain unchanged, each rotary cutting volume decreases, which can effectively reduce the axial force and improve the machining quality of holes.

(2) component strengthening method: strengthen the strength of the outlet side when the structure is open.

(3) improve the cutting method: when the drilling process is about to happen, under the condition of constant feed speed, the strength will decrease sharply with the decrease of the thickness of the part to be cut, which will lead to the failure of the cutting material layer before cutting. Therefore, when the drilling process is about to happen, the feed rate or feed rate will be changed, so that the descending speed of axial force is suitable for the strength decline rate of the material layer to be cut, so that the burrs and tear can be avoided.

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