Light weight is the technology of automobile production, and this concept is derived from motor racing. It is not difficult to understand that the light weight brings better control. With the theme of energy saving and environmental protection being widely concerned, lightweight is also widely applied to the field of general automobile. So what’s the role of carbon fiber in the process of realizing lightweight? Let’s know it with this article.

The total mass of vehicle fuel consumption mainly depends on the displacement of the engine and the car, we ensure the automobile overall quality, performance, cost at the same time, reduce the car’s own weight can effectively improve the power output, reduce noise and improve handling, but also can improve the vehicle speed, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Now that the realization of vehicle lightweight brings many advantages, how to lighten it has also become a headache. Some engineers have put their eyes on a new fiber material — carbon fiber. The application of carbon fiber is an important way to achieve lightweight.

The general approach of lightweight three, lightweight structure, special processing, lightweight materials, according to some industry point of view of practical application, the use of carbon fiber is undoubtedly the biggest hot, carbon fiber is a structural material, a minimum density and carbon fiber has strong workability, but also can the integration process, the data show that the use of carbon fiber instead of steel to lose 70%, instead of Aluminum Alloy can lose 30%, and the test proves that if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, improve the fuel efficiency of shell 6%-8%; reduce car every 100 kilograms, 100 km fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.3-0.6; the weight of the car is reduced by 1%, fuel consumption can be reduced 0.7%. Now it has become the trend of automobile development in the world to realize automobile lightening.

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