There are two kinds of defects in the cutting process of carbon fiber composites: one is the wound damage and the two is interlayer stratification. Incision injury is mainly generated near the cut edge burr, delamination, tearing, export drawing defects such as delamination; mainly refers to the separation between carbon fiber composite layers, the internal organization becomes loose, thereby reducing the component strength and other properties, cutting the purpose of the study is to produce and prevent processing the cutting accuracy of defects.

Carbon fiber composite material can be used for cutting laser cutting, high pressure water cutting and other special craft, can also use the diamond grinding wheel cutting process, special process is feasible in theory, but in fact very few applications, with high-pressure water cutting, for example, because of the high pressure water jet energy loss, the incision is not straight, low precision, by restrictions on the application of carbon fiber composite materials in cutting. Mechanical cutting technology is widely used in the field of carbon fiber cutting because of its low cost and convenient operation. However, appropriate adjustment should be made in cutting tools and cutting process parameters.

After the processing of carbon fiber composite material is the key to the widely used tool, is a major factor restricting the process of carbon fiber composite material after processing, and improved process parameters will help ensure machining quality and overcome processing defects, to really solve the difficult machining materials processing problem, should first improve the level of the second is to solve the process equipment, suitable for cutting of carbon fiber composite technology, on this basis, and gradually developed a technique of composite material processing for carbon fiber processing and tool group, so as to promote the application of carbon fiber composite materials in the aerospace products.

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