Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is made up of matrix material, epoxy resin and carbon fiber reinforced by two phases, and fiber combinations in different directions form different structural materials with different properties. When machining, the material in the cutting area is affected by the extrusion and shearing of the tool. Because the material is brittle material, the formation of chips is mostly the brittle rupture of epoxy resin, and the tensile, bending and shearing fracture of fiber. That is to say, the cutting effect causes the epoxy resin material to be deformed and ruptured, and the cutting force is transferred to the fiber to break the fiber. The different direction angle of the fiber, there will be different cutting deformation and cutting form.

In the case of 0° in the case of chip, the tool is realized by dividing the cutting material from the matrix material. This form of cutting deformation can be called interlayer peeling. Cut fiber cutting tool easily between layers, with the cutting in advance, by cutting part of the materials are being squeezed, because the matrix tensile strength than carbon fiber on the compressive strength of small, so when the extrusion is developed to a certain extent, the lower cutting part of the interlayer separation will occur. By cutting off part.

In the case of 0&deg, ~90&deg, the process of chip discharge is different from that of interlayer separation, with different chips being interlayer slipping. The chip shape is similar to that of interlayer separation. This form of deformation can be called interlayer slip. The cutting edge of a fiber to contact the resin matrix around the cutting edge bending deformation, with single direction of the fiber but not with resin matrix deformation occurred, due to the geometrical relationship and fiber inclination angle, with the cutting process, cutting tool cutting edge of shear fiber composite material pushing role in the fibers formed perpendicular to the fiber axis stress. When the shear stress exceeds the limit of the shear strength of the fiber, the fiber is cut off.

In the case of 90~180&deg, in the case of 135&deg, the cutting effect of the cutting tool on the front end material leads to the interlaminar separation between the composites. The front material of the tool is bent under the action of the tool. When the bending stress exceeds the limit of the bending strength of the carbon fiber composite material, the bottom breaks.

Unlike other materials, cutting carbon fiber composites requires higher technology.

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