It is an indisputable fact that the use of carbon fiber materials can effectively reduce the weight of cars. Using carbon fiber materials can reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution at the same time as weight loss. This is also proved by relevant experimental data. But how many carbon fiber materials are used in cars and which parts are cost-effective? This will require more objective and specific considerations in the overall cost of vehicle manufacturing.

Is the use of carbon fiber only to make the car lighter?

Carbon fiber is generally used as a composite of epoxy resin, which inherits a series of advantages, such as strong specific strength, specific modulus, fatigue strength and energy absorption of energy absorption of carbon fibers, and inherits the characteristics of flexible epoxy resin formulation and strong application. Compared with the aluminum alloy structure, the weight reduction effect of carbon fiber composites can reach 20%-40%. Compared with the steel metal parts, the weight reduction effect of carbon fiber composites can even reach 60%-80%. However, the use of carbon fiber composites not only reduces the weight of the whole vehicle, but also brings deep influence and change to the automobile manufacturing process.

Stamping, welding, coating and assembly are the four major processes of automobile. With the addition of carbon fiber composites and the increase in proportion, some changes will take place. For example, stamping is replaced by compression and forging processes in the molding of composite materials; in the future the whole vehicle does not need so much welding, except that thermoplastic composites will be welded with ultrasonic waves, and welding is basically replaced by such processes as adhesive bonding and riveting; it is required that the composites have no corrosion resistance. Basically, some models have no need of coating, and the coating temperature of the coating is not very low. Like some injection parts, the coating temperature is only 85 degrees. After the molding of the composite material and the modular of the whole vehicle, the length of its assembly line will be greatly reduced because there are only dozens of modules of the whole vehicle. The pace of assembly will become very fast. This will greatly reduce the cost of final assembly line. Therefore, people in the industry say that the large-scale application of carbon fiber composite materials will reduce the entry threshold of the entire automobile manufacturer. Because these changes in technology not only reset the elements of automobile manufacturing, but also fundamentally deconstructed the calculation mode of traditional automobile production cost.

Recently, a carbon fiber material is released on the product news conference of an electric bus manufacturer in China. The 12 meter long real car is not all the carbon fiber material, but the vehicle’s roof, the left and right side and the chassis are used as carbon fiber composite. According to the information of the press conference, the weight of the carbon fiber material used in this electric bus is about 1.8 tons, and the weight of the car body can be reduced by about 23% compared to the steel material, and the vehicle quality is within 8.5 tons, and the driving distance of the vehicle can reach more than 500km. The cost of the carbon fiber composites is about 200 thousand higher than the traditional steel material, which accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the vehicle, but the bus manufacturer is optimistic about the market, and the person in charge frankly says “it’s not worried about the car.” Sales. ” In his view, although the use of carbon fiber material increases the cost of the vehicle, the improvement of the quality of the vehicle and the increase of the driving mileage can prolong the service life of the vehicle, and can be slightly longer than the same type of vehicle. In addition, the reduction of power battery weight and the reduction of cost will also make up for the high cost of using carbon fiber materials.

For the new energy model, the power battery is the core component. As the carrier of the power battery, the power battery box is usually installed in the lower part of the car body, which is mainly used to protect the power battery from being damaged when it is collided and extruded from the outside. Shandong eng Li new material Co., Ltd. provides carbon fiber battery box and other carbon fiber automobile structure for several domestic new energy vehicles. The head of the market department has done the related calculation on the application cost of carbon fiber, taking a carbon fiber battery box as an example, the box weight made with carbon fiber composite material. The quantity is only 2.7kg. It can reduce the weight of the battery box with the traditional steel structure about 80%. It can also meet the technical requirements in strength and load. More importantly, because of the bad operating environment under the car body, the carbon fiber battery box shows corrosion resistance, waterproof, flame retardant and long service life. Such performance can cope with and solve these problems well. From the cost point of view, the use of carbon fiber composite power battery box is more than one thousand yuan more than steel structure battery box, but the weight loss of 10 kilograms in the course of several years of vehicle operation will have a great effect. First, according to the existing experimental data, the body weight reduction of 100 kilograms will reduce energy consumption by 20%, then only a carbon fiber battery box can reduce the energy consumption by 2%, although the number is not large, but the longer the running time, the more cost saving in operation. Secondly, the strong corrosion resistance and long service life of the carbon fiber battery box directly reduce the cost of repair and replacement of the box. Therefore, on the whole, the cost of using carbon fiber composite materials is negligible.

Then, is the more carbon fiber composites used, the better? The molding process of carbon fiber composites determines the cost of its final use, so it is possible to choose the more easy parts of carbon fiber composites for lightweight replacement, with the highest cost performance, not the blind quantity. In addition, the specific impact of carbon fiber composites on automobile manufacturing costs is proportional to the cost before light weight, and the higher the original cost, the higher the value of light weight.

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