Carbon fibers in carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites must be tightly bonded with aluminum alloy as an enhancement phase, which can reflect the enhancement characteristics of carbon fibers. Due to the chemical reaction between carbon fiber and aluminum, surface modification of carbon fiber is needed to enhance the adhesion between aluminum and carbon fiber, and to separate the chemical reaction between the carbon fiber and the substrate.

Liquid aluminum and carbon is more than 90° the interface wetting angle, and the contact angle of Al Cu and Al Cu, 0° between complete wetting adhesive, therefore, can effectively increase the adhesion of carbon fiber and Aluminum Alloy on the surface of carbon fibers, and the reaction of aluminum and carbon fiber chemical isolation effect.

At present, the main processes of copper plating on carbon fiber surface include ion sputtering, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), metal powder spraying, electroplating and electroless plating. Among them, ion sputtering and CVD equipment are complex and difficult to control because of the high cost, but the adhesion of the coating produced by metal powder spraying is relatively poor, and the coating is easy to fall off. Therefore, the short fiber sheet is modified mainly through electroplating and electroless plating.

The electroless plating does not require a power supply, the cost is lower and the layer can be deposited on the non conductor and the sensitive layer is more uniform and compact. Electroless plating technology is relatively small in environmental pollution. In many leading cities, electroplating has gradually replaced electroplating as an environment-friendly table and modified process. However, when the carbon fiber is electroless copper plating, the carbon fiber monofilament diameter is only 7&mu, m, and the specific surface area is large. During the electroless plating process, the core of the carbon fiber bundle is hard to be plated with metal, black heart and caking phenomenon appear.

The different modes of agitation have different influence on the coating when the carbon fiber surface is electroless copper plating.

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