Carbon fiber tube is our common carbon fiber products, its high strength, light weight, like drones, the mechanical arm will have the application of carbon fiber tube, the main forming process of carbon fiber tube has two kinds, namely fiber winding and pultrusion, this paper mainly introduce the two molding process.

Filament winding: filament winding is made by impregnating carbon fiber (carbon fiber prepreg) impregnated with resin, according to certain rules, and then solidifying and demoulding to become carbon fiber products. The filament winding can be divided into three kinds, dry winding, wet winding and semi dry winding. Dry winding is made of prepreg on the winding machine after heating and softening to the viscous flow state and then wound onto the core mold. This method can strictly control the quality of the product and has high production efficiency. Wet winding is carbon fiber tow prepreg after tension control directly winding to the core mold, the production cost is low, the product has good air tightness, but generally available for wet winding resin varieties are relatively few. The semi dry winding is the way of fiber prepreg and winding to the core die. A set of drying equipment is added to remove the solvent in the prepreg.

Pultrusion molding: the carbon fiber prepreg is continuously passed through the heating die of a certain surface. The superfluous resin was extruded and solidified under the condition of traction. Pultrusion tube production process is fully automated, high production efficiency and high carbon fiber content, but the strength of pultrusion tube is unidirectional and transverse strength is not high. So our company generally uses fiber winding molding.

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