Carbon fiber and titanium alloy are new materials developed in 50s twentieth Century. They are used in aviation, aerospace, ship, chemical industry, light industry, military, marine engineering, medical devices, sporting goods and so on. Which performance is better?

Titanium is a white metal which is often made of alloy from other metals, including aluminum (improved grain size), copper (hardening), magnesium, vanadium, molybdenum, etc. The tensile strength of the titanium alloy is 1000~1200MPa, which is close to the quenched and tempered structure steel, with a density of about 4.5g/cm^3, equivalent to 54% of the steel. Its temperature adaptability is high, it can work for 500 days at a temperature of about 253, and it can maintain certain plasticity and corrosion resistance. It can work in moist atmosphere and sea water medium. Carbon fiber is a fiber material with a density of 1.6g/cm^3, tensile strength 3000MPa, tensile modulus 230GPa, elongation at break 1.5%, thermal expansion coefficient -0.5&times, 10-6/ C, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and aseismic. Compared with the titanium alloy, the strength is higher and the weight is lighter, which meets the needs of modern light weight.

Titanium is often used in the form of alloy. Carbon fiber is often used in the form of composite materials. In the market, 90% of carbon fiber composites are made of carbon fiber and resin. Carbon fiber has strong plasticity and can be made into various styles by resin curing. It can satisfy different industries’ demand for products, and can also change its performance through laying design.

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