Carbon fiber is a new kind of fiber material with high strength and high modulus. It is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by the carbonization and graphitization of the organic fibers, such as flaky graphite microcrystals, stacked along the axial direction of the fiber. 2A12 aluminum alloy is a high strength hard aluminum, which can be enhanced by heat treatment. What are the differences in performance between these two materials and the more applied structural materials?

First of all, now more and more people pay more attention to the weight of the two kinds of materials and said today is a good choice for weight loss, 2A12 Aluminum Alloy density is 2.8g/cm3, carbon fiber material density is about 1.6g/cm3, therefore, the carbon fiber in terms of weight loss is slightly better than Aluminum Alloy.

Secondly, the tensile strength of carbon fiber material is 3500MPa, while the tensile strength of 2A12 aluminum alloy is only 420MPa, and the 2A12 aluminum alloy has no bending resistance ability, while the flexural strength of carbon fiber is 1300MPa. In addition, the specific strength and specific strength of carbon fiber are better than that of aluminum alloy.

2A12 Aluminum Alloy welding and good weldability, and carbon fiber material welding can not be implemented, but Aluminum Alloy by gas welding have tendency of intergranular crack formation, the probability of making carbon fiber products produced when the stratification is very small. 2A12 aluminum alloy is a metal material. The shortest plate of metallic materials is low corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber material is a non-metallic material. Its electrochemical activity is far less than that of metal materials, and has very good corrosion resistance.

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