Carbon fiber is a newly emerging fiber material made up of more than 90% carbon. It is light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, friction resistance and aseismatic. It has low thermal expansion coefficient and high transmittance of X ray. It has excellent performance, wide application and large demand. Usually, carbon fiber materials are not used alone, but are combined with resins such as resins to be used as reinforced materials. This article compares the physical properties of carbon fibers and other commonly used reinforced materials.

Glass fiber: density 2.6g/cm^3, diameter 8~12μ m, tensile strength 3.5GPa, modulus of elasticity 72GPa, elongation 2.6%.

Carbon fiber: density 1.7g/cm^3, diameter 7μ m, tensile strength 3.5GPa, modulus of elasticity 230GPa, elongation 1.5%.

Kevlar: density 1.4g/cm^3, diameter 12μ m, 2.7GPa tensile strength, elastic modulus 62GPa, elongation of 4.4%.

Boron fiber: density 2.4g/cm^3, diameter 20μ m, tensile strength 1.4GPa, modulus of elasticity 385GPa, elongation 0.4%.

Alumina fiber: density 3.9g/cm^3, diameter 100~150μ m, tensile strength 3.52GPa, modulus of elasticity 410GPa, elongation 0.9%.

Silicon oxide fiber: density 2.55g/cm^3, diameter 12~14μ m, tensile strength 3GPa, modulus of elasticity 220GPa, elongation 1.4%.

The reinforced material, the minimum density of alumina fiber Kevlar, the highest elastic modulus, but the tensile strength and elastic modulus of Kevlar are far better than carbon fiber, carbon fiber is two times of the weight of alumina. Carbon fiber is an anisotropic material. It has different performance along fiber direction and fiber orientation. When manufacturing products, carbon fiber can be changed according to lay design to achieve specific effect. In general, the physical performance is very good.

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