With the progress of the times, people on the material properties of the increasingly high demand, not only need to have high strength and high modulus, etc., is light weight, high temperature resistance, conductive properties, traditional single material can not meet the actual requirements, as a composite material consisting of two or more than two kinds of materials. This article compares the mechanical properties of several common composite materials.

Aluminum alloy: the density 2.7g/cm^3, the longitudinal tensile strength 29.6MPa, the longitudinal tensile modulus 0.7× 10^5MPa, the specific strength 10.9MPa, the modulus 0.26× 10^5MPa.

Titanium alloy: the density 4.43g/cm^3, the longitudinal tensile strength 10.6MPa, the longitudinal tensile modulus 1.13× 10^5MPa, the specific strength 23.9MPa, the modulus 0.26× 10^5MPa.

Steel (high strength): density 7.8g/cm^3, longitudinal tensile strength 134MPa, longitudinal tensile modulus 2.05&times, 10^5MPa, specific strength 17.1MPa, specific modulus 0.26&times, 10^5MPa.

Boron fiber composites: density 1.97g/cm^3, longitudinal tensile strength 152MPa, longitudinal tensile modulus 2.15&times, 10^5MPa, specific strength 77.1MPa, specific modulus 1.09&times, 10^5MPa.

Glass fiber composites: density 1.8g/cm^3, longitudinal tensile strength 137MPa, longitudinal tensile modulus 0.45&times, 10^5MPa, specific strength 76.1MPa, specific modulus 0.25&times, 10^5MPa.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (high strength): density 1.5g/cm^3, longitudinal tensile strength 133MPa, longitudinal tensile modulus 1.55&times, 10^5MPa, specific strength 88.7MPa, specific modulus 1.03&times, 10^5MPa.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (high modulus): density 1.69g/cm^3, longitudinal tensile strength 63.6MPa, longitudinal tensile modulus 3.02&times, 10^5MPa, specific strength 37.6MPa, specific modulus 1.79MPa.

As can be seen from above, compared with other composite materials, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber composites are excellent. They have been used in many fields such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, machinery, sporting goods and so on.

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