The license plate frame is also called the license plate, which is a structural piece with a fixed license plate and a license plate protection. We usually see the license plate frame is made of metal, as a new type of fiber material of high modulus carbon fiber, carbon fiber products in the automotive sector has been widely used, but also can be used to manufacture license plate frame, today the carbon fiber plate frame and traditional metal plate frame can do personality.

From the strength, the strength of most metals are relatively high, but the strength of carbon fibre composite material can not be underestimated, the strength of carbon fiber and even several times higher than steel, it has so high strength because of its carbon atoms arranged neatly, and the fiber diameter, the relative intensity is high, and according to a reasonable spread to achieve the best effect. Therefore, we often see that the metal license plate frame often has the deformation condition, and the carbon fiber license plate frame basically does not have the distortion, and the carbon fiber license plate frame size is relatively stable, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, does not change with the temperature change, expands and contracts.

Most metals are more active in chemistry, so the short plates of metal license plates are easy to rust, so they usually spray paint to retard rust time, but paint sprayed easily. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material, its electrochemical activity is not high, so its corrosion resistance is excellent, basically no rust phenomenon. We paint the carbon steel license plate frame with high temperature baking, do not worry that there will be lacquer phenomenon. Its surface is smooth, no needle, white spots, bubbles and other defects. In addition, carbon fiber is a very low density material. It is the best choice for weight loss materials. It also has a series of advantages such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance and anti-aging.

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