Automobile transmission shaft is one of the most important parts of the automobile transmission shaft motion, on two different axis between the two axes even in the relative position change between the transmission power, working environment is very bad, we all understand the automobile transmission shaft is the traditional metal parts, with the widespread use of carbon fiber composite materials, automobile transmission shaft made it has gradually been familiar with, this paper will make a comparison of the carbon fiber drive shaft and metal drive shaft.

The metal shaft in the use of the process will need to regularly inject lubricating oil, in order to maintain the drive shaft, it also increase the burden of a waste of time, carbon fiber shaft and long service life, can reduce unnecessary maintenance, carbon fiber shaft than metal shaft friction resistance, basically will not hurt, and carbon fiber composite material with energy absorbing earthquake, can reduce the transmission shaft engine noise and energy loss, and the metal shaft will not be very good to achieve this effect.

The research shows that when the axis diameter is the same, when the critical speed of the automobile transmission shaft is 8000r/min, the length of the metal transmission shaft is 1520mm, and the length of the carbon fiber drive shaft can reach 1650mm. The carbon fiber composite material is expected to achieve the integration of the transmission shaft. Now more and more people pursue the lightweight carbon fiber composite material is a good choice, carbon fiber composite material density is very small carbon fiber shaft than metal shaft at least 40% weight loss, and the carbon fiber composite material has high specific strength and modulus, is lightweight and can achieve the purpose of energy saving.

As a result, the car’s drive shaft made by carbon fiber will be better than the metal drive shaft in the future.

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