Carbon fiber composite materials, superior performance, high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, popular in the material market, has been used in aerospace military, automobile manufacturing, machinery and other fields, its design Strong, diverse molding methods, this article about the common carbon fiber composite molding process and its application.

Hand lay-up molding: first add a certain amount of curing agent on the surface of the resin coating, cut out a good cut carbon fiber fabric, and then use the tool to flatten the fabric to ensure uniform fabric impregnation and discharge bubbles, and then brush the resin and Shop Two-layer fabric. Repeat the above steps until the thickness of the design requirements to stop. After the ply, generally to exert a certain pressure, by hot or cold forming. Hand lay-up process is generally used to make sporting goods or complex structure of large products.

Wound molding: the fiber tow or fiber tape immersed in the resin for a certain period of time, taken out after the tension generated by the device, the use of winding machine according to the design requirements of the angle and thickness of the mandrel wrapped around the top, and finally By heating or curing at room temperature to obtain composite parts. This process is mainly used to produce tubular components, such as aircraft carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber guide tube.

Pultrusion: The long fiber bundle immersed in the resin, so that it continuously from pre-designed surface heating die through, and then a certain temperature and traction under the conditions of curing, and finally according to the length of the components required Cutting and curing molding parts. Limited by the die, this process is suitable for the production of I-shaped, trough and other carbon fiber parts.

RTM molding: also known as resin transfer molding, the carbon fiber reinforced materials in advance laying in the mold cavity and closed the mold, and then under a certain pressure into the mold cavity resin soaked into the preform, the final heat curing release , Access to carbon fiber composite parts. At present, the application field of RTM technology has covered fields such as transportation, telecommunications, health, aerospace, such as automobile body coverings, propellers, machine components and the like.

Autoclave molding: the carbon fiber prepreg laying requirements according to lay on the mold, the blank sealed in a vacuum bag placed in carbon fiber autoclave. Under vacuum, through the process of heating, pressurizing, keeping warm, cooling and releasing the pressure of the autoclave equipment, the solidification molding is realized by using uniform temperature and uniform pressure simultaneously provided in the autoclave. It is used in a wide range of panels and housings that are suitable both for large and complex profiles and for plates, rods, tubes and blocks of simple shapes.

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