Composite materials consist of two parts, the reinforcement phase and the matrix. The matrix phase acts as a transfer stress. It is generally composed of metal, ceramic and resin polymer. The reinforcement material has three forms, fiber, particle and crystal demand, and its main role is to bear the load. Carbon fiber is the most commonly used and most important reinforcing phase of high-performance composites. It can be combined with many kinds of materials. This article will talk about the classification of carbon fiber reinforced composites.

Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites: it is one of the most advanced composite materials and the most used carbon fiber composites. In the 60 and 70s of last century, carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites began to be put into use, and the technology is now very mature. The fields of use include aerospace military workers, automobile high speed iron, medical equipment, sporting goods and machinery manufacturing.

Carbon fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composites: compared with ceramic materials, carbon fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composites in the base of maintaining the original excellent properties, but also has the toughness and good mechanical properties, when subjected to large external carbon fiber, can effectively prevent the cracks in the ceramic matrix, and further change the morphology of brittle fracture of ceramics. It is mainly used in the aero engine and other fields.

Carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites: strong corrosion resistance, good friction resistance, light weight and thermal shock resistance. They are widely used in chemical, metallurgical and bioengineering fields as structural and functional materials. It is also widely used in the military field. As a heat-resistant material, it is used for rocket nozzle, missile weather lining and aircraft insulation layer and so on. In addition, because of the natural physiological compatibility of carbon materials and biological tissue, it can also be used as biomaterial for artificial organs, &ldquo, and heart valve &rdquo, which is made of this material.

Carbon fiber reinforced metal matrix composite: its matrix is usually magnesium, aluminum, titanium or its alloy. Compared with the original metal materials, the strength and specific modulus of the carbon fiber reinforced composites increased significantly. Among them, aluminum matrix composites are the most widely used, and the related technology is the most mature.

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