Densification is a key technology for the production of carbon fiber composites, which has always been the focus of carbon fiber researchers. There are two more mature densification processes, chemical vapor deposition and high pressure liquid phase impregnation. This article gives a lecture on the specific content of chemical vapor deposition.

Chemical vapor deposition method, the carbon fiber reinforced material blank in deposition furnace, the methane gas, and allowing them to mix an inert gas such as argon and hydrogen, is heated to 1000 DEG C, the decomposition of hydrocarbon gas generation of active groups in contact with the surface of carbon fiber is a carbon sink. There are four kinds of methods for chemical vapor deposition: thermal method, thermal gradient method, pressure difference method and pulse method. Due to the limitation of technology, the homogenizing process takes a few weeks or even months to process a product, and it is also easy to cause problems in the process of processing. The processing time of the thermal gradient method is shorter, the product’s performance is also good, the density is high and even, but the process repeatability is not good, so we can’t process different types of embryoid at the same time. The pressure difference method is to use the different pressure to process parts, the surface is easy to form a hard layer, and the permeability is low. The pulse method improved the technology on the basis of the mean heat method and improved the production efficiency.

Originally, including chemical vapor deposition, a series of densification methods need a few months time, the production efficiency is very low, after scientists study, time is shortened to a few hours or even days, to improve the efficiency of more than 100 times, this is a major breakthrough in the history of the development of carbon fibers. The convenience of technology is endless, and for the research of new materials and new technologies, will continue to.

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