In the formal occasions such as important meetings, banquets, or release forms, men usually wear suits and tie. When do people start wearing ties? There are different opinions. The earliest historical records were in 1668, the French king Louis Xiv inspected the army, and the soldiers wore a tie on their collar. In order to keep the tie straight and close, sometimes there will be a tie clip on it, and the tie clip is mostly made of metal. Maybe it will be inlaid with precious gold. This article will tell you about the fashionable and modern carbon fiber tie clip.

First look at the material of carbon fiber, which has been invented for more than 100 years. The initial carbon fiber was carbonized from natural plant fiber. After 1950s, the industrialization process accelerated. Scientists used acrylonitrile fiber, asphalt fiber and viscose fiber to make carbon fiber. In the present market, more than 90% of carbon fiber products are made from polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibers. When making carbon fiber products, in order to make its surface more smooth and bright, often coated with resin coating. Carbon fiber tie clip, made of 100% full carbon fiber, the weight is only 0.8g, the surface has a unique knitting pattern, simple and generous. If you think black is too dull, love the bright colors, this requirement can be met, with red, yellow and blue mixed aromatic carbon cloth production out of the wallet is very beautiful.

The unique charm of carbon fiber makes it a huge market, and many of the goods in life can be produced with this high performance material.

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