Carbon fiber composite material with low density, high specific strength, high modulus, low coefficient of thermal expansion, seismic, and it is usually used to produce light weight and high strength, small thickness and stiffness of the components, characteristics of the mechanical properties of the special structure and anisotropy determines that it is the special process, characteristics this article is to talk about the machining of carbon fiber composite material.

1, because carbon fiber reinforced polymer is a multi-phase solid material, the bending strength and shear strength between layers are low, and it is easy to cause layer failure. Therefore, the bending force and shear moment of materials should be reduced as far as possible during mechanical processing.

2, during machining, cutting parameters, tool geometry parameters and tool wear degree have great influence on the quality and dimensional accuracy of machined surface.

3, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a typical heterogeneous and anisotropic material. It has strong directivity and its mechanical properties are quite different in different directions. Therefore, in order to reduce tool wear and prevent the occurrence of workpiece splitting and splitting during machining, we should consider the direction of machining parallel to the direction of fiber orientation.

4, carbon fiber has large hardness, strong rigidity, good fatigue resistance and easy to wear to cutting tools.

5, the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber composite material is poor. During the processing, heat is difficult to spread in time, making the temperature of the processing area higher. Therefore, in order to prevent the burn of workpiece material, we can use the corresponding cooling way according to its body condition.

6, due to the brittle energy and the structural characteristics of the components of carbon fiber composites, it is easy to produce powder chips during cutting process, which will cause harm to human health and environment. At the same time, some powders have conductive properties, which are easy to short-circuit the processing equipment and instruments.

Only by mastering the good methods and using the appropriate tools can produce high quality carbon fiber products.

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