Sensor is a detection device, it can transform the detected information into other forms of output, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, storage, recording and so on. In many fields, such as agriculture, aerospace, marine exploration, industrial automation, etc., sensors will be used. Carbon fiber, light weight, high strength, good conductivity and plasticity, can be used to make micro sensors.

Carbon fiber sensors have the following characteristics:

1, the sensor area is small and can form a thin and stable hemispherical diffusion layer, which produces edge effect.

2. The capacitance of the double layer is small and the mass transfer rate is fast. It appears in the steady state current independent of time and does not need electrolytes at the time of determination.

3, the current density is large and has a large sound to noise ratio, and its sound and noise ratio is hundreds times more than that of the ordinary sensor.

4, the current that flows through the micro sensor is small, and the IR is reduced. These are different from the conventional sensor features that allow carbon fiber sensors to be used in some special fields. For example, living organisms. Inserting the sensor into the tissue or cell can detect the information needed on the basis of not destroying the body.

With the development of science and technology, carbon fiber sensor is more and more elaborate. Now it has been reduced from several microns to hundreds of nanometers. The nanoscale disk electrode appeared in 1990, followed by a nano sensor with a diameter of 100 nanometers. In 1994, the nanoscale sensor was prepared by plasma etching. The appearance of the nanoscale sensor enabled people to get objects from tissue level to single living cell level.

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