Carbon fiber with high strength and high modulus is known, because of its high hardness and brittleness determines the carbon fiber composite material is a new type of high performance materials difficult to machining, delamination, tearing, burr and so prone to processing, it is usually composite made of soft resin viscosity and hardness the carbon fiber mixture, its mechanical properties are superior, but the mechanical performance is poor, here we introduce a carbon fiber composite material processing characteristics for everyone.

1, the processing of carbon fiber composites is easy to produce stratification. Layering is a composite layer generated by degumming destructive phenomenon, when processing if set unreasonable parameters easily lead to interlaminar stress leading to delamination, the consequences could be reduced performance of carbon fiber material, or make the workpiece scrapped, even a small delamination will lay security risks on the day after use.

2. The tool wear is serious and the processing cost is great. Because in the process will produce large quantity of heat, so the machining area temperature was significantly higher than that in other places, the carbon fiber powder generated in the process can increase the degree of tool wear, and high carbon fiber strength, so the tool durability is low, the cost of large manufacturers in general.

3. The damage of residual stress to carbon fiber material. If the client chooses the manufacturer’s seniority not deep. The processing precision is not enough, which can easily lead to the size and roughness of the surface, so it is easy to produce residual stress. The reason is that the processing temperature is high, the gap of thermal expansion coefficient of fiber and resin is too big, and it is easy to produce stratification.

The primary forming of carbon fiber composites can only be done with a regular shape. Therefore, two finishing operations are needed, including hole processing, special shape processing, blind groove machining, surface grinding and so on. It is very necessary to choose a carbon fiber manufacturer with a good qualification and good reputation.

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