Forming method of carbon fiber composite material product variety, including molding, winding, pultrusion, vacuum backflow, the winding is soaked with continuous fiber or fabric, pre dip resin glue yarn under tension according to certain rules on a mandrel winding process, after heating or at room temperature curing molding. Mainly for the production of tubular products. This article is about the characteristics of carbon fiber composite winding process.

The filament winding process has the accuracy and repeatability of fiber placement, and it can produce small to several tens of millimeters and large to several meters of revolving body.

1, the fiber content is high, up to 70%~75%, and the consumption of raw materials is small

2, we can design the winding rule according to the actual force of the product, and give full play to the strength of the fiber direction.

3, the specific strength is high. The composite material manufactured by winding process is 3 times the strength of titanium and 4 times of steel. The military substitute for Qin alloy can reduce the weight by 25%. Compared with the same pressure steel container, it can lighten the weight of 30%~40%.

4, the production efficiency is high. The carbon fiber winding process is easy to realize mechanization and automatic production. It needs less operators, stable quality and small dispersion coefficient, and is suitable for large-scale application.

According to the direction of winding, the winding process can be divided into three parts: circumferential winding, longitudinal winding and spiral winding. According to the physical state of resin in molding, it can be divided into three types: dry winding, wet winding and semi dry winding. The specific process is determined according to the actual situation.

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