Compared with isotropic metal materials, anisotropic carbon fiber composites will be seriously damaged and weakened after cutting or machining, and the interlaminar shear will become more sensitive. Therefore, adhesive bonding is more widely used in connection design than mechanical connection, especially for unidirectional carbon fiber composites, which does not allow for stress concentration, and provides effective methods for high load. This article talks about the characteristics of the bonding of carbon fiber composites.

The bonding of carbon fiber composite material is anisotropic. The surface of carbon fiber composite material should be consistent with the load direction and not perpendicular to the load direction, so as to avoid premature delamination. Laying the reinforced carbon fiber in the axial direction of the joint is equivalent to increasing the modulus of the connector and reducing the stress concentration of the rubber layer.

The bonding of carbon fiber composites is related to the matching of the matrix: carbon fiber composites are multiphase materials, which are made up of reinforced materials and matrix resins. The compatibility of the matrix resin and the main resin of the adhesive directly affects the structure and properties of the bonding interface. The cohesive force and adhesion of adhesives are important properties of adhesives. Cohesion is the intermolecular interaction force of adhesives. It depends on the basic composition, formulation and technology of adhesives. Adhesion is the binding force between the adhesive molecules and the molecules of the adhesive, including the physical, chemical and mechanical effects between the adhesive and the sticky material. In order to achieve the best bond strength, the cohesive force and adhesion force must be combined. If the bonding of carbon fiber composite material is not suitable, it is easy to debond and separate the interface.

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