As an advanced composite material in twenty-first Century, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has been widely applied in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical devices, sporting goods and other fields, and has been well received. In the process of using products, it will inevitably be affected by severe cold, hot and humid environment. This article will talk about its mechanical properties under different temperature and humidity.

At -55 C, humidity and hygrothermal environment, the discrete values of the mechanical properties of CFRP are large, indicating that the performance and stability of CFRP under bad engineering application environment are poor. The temperature has little effect on the carbon fiber, but a greater impact on the resin matrix and interface; increasing the temperature of -55 DEG C resin embrittlement degree leads to modulus increase, unidirectional carbon fiber composite material 90° direction tensile strength increased with test temperature decreasing, the tensile strength of little change in other cases, the compressive strength will decrease with increasing test of temperature.

The initial stage of carbon fiber composites in water is in accordance with the second law of Fick. The rate of moisture absorption is linearly related to the square root of moisture absorption time. The moisture absorption rate of orthogonal laminated carbon fiber composites is always higher than that of unidirectional carbon fiber composites. Its mechanical properties decreased especially in the hot and humid environment, especially the interlaminar shear strength decreased. After 71&plusmn and 336h immersion at 5 C, the interlaminar shear strength holding rates of unidirectional and laminated carbon fiber composites at 70 temperature were 74.30% and 57.20%, respectively.

In the harsh environment, carbon fiber composites still maintain their original characteristics in a harsh environment.

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