In recent years, carbon fiber composite materials in the civil and military in long-term development, like automotive, medical equipment, sports equipment for use in the expansion, but the carbon fiber material has a defect that is brittle is large, easily lead to delamination problems in processing, carbon fiber board is one of the commonly used carbon fiber products, today to find out the main reason that carbon fiber plate layered.

We know that the plate is made of carbon fiber carbon fiber prepreg after cutting and orderly laid after entering the curing stage, prepreg heating and pressurizing in the mold after hot pressing mold is closed, the laminated material gradually solidified in hot pressing, but this process if the pressure is not enough, so the carbon fiber board the production is very easy to generate layered phenomenon.

Carbon fiber composites are made of carbon fiber and resin, which are bonded with resin. The carbon fiber is an anisotropic material. Its interlaminar strength is low, which will lead to the phenomenon of delamination in the process. Carbon fiber composite material is a kind of difficult to cut materials, when the cutting parameter is not reasonable will make the interlaminar stress is too large, the stress exceeds the combined strength of resin, the fracture will appear stratified phenomenon, if the surface size precision and surface roughness is not easy to meet the requirements it is easy to produce residual stress.

Once the carbon fiber board is stratified, it is equivalent to scrapping and can not be repaired. Therefore, it must be considered in the process of production and processing.

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