The retaining ring is fastening end of the coil of the generator rotor winding ring fit under thermal and centrifugal force of high-speed rotation, so to have higher comprehensive mechanical properties, existing metal materials can not meet the requirements of the motor shield strength and carbon fiber composite materials, can solve this problem.

Why is it easy to burn the motor now? The new motor’s heat capacity is becoming smaller and smaller, and its load capacity is becoming weaker and weaker. Moreover, the traditional protection device is not ideal, with poor stability, large error and unreliable protection, so the motor protection device has higher requirements. When a large capacity motor is running, the centrifugal force of the coil is too large. It is necessary to use a higher strength structural material to withstand the large centrifugal rate without being damaged.

Carbon fiber is a new material made of carbon, made products, carbon fiber is a very soft material, similar to textile fibers, and when the product forming, in terms of strength, both are better than the traditional metal materials from the compressive strength or stiffness and hardness. Besides, the density of carbon fiber is very small, so even adding the upper protective cover has little effect on the overall weight. The carbon fiber motor shield plays a very good role in weight loss and enhancement. Moreover, carbon fiber is a nonmagnetic material, which can eliminate leakage between the components of each structure and reduce unnecessary energy loss. Of course, the advantages of carbon fiber materials are far more than these, it also has a series of advantages, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, energy absorption, and so on.


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