With the progress of life technology, the application of some high-tech products such as high-tech appliances has been more and more extensive. Do you know that this may bring some influence to your health? The carbon fiber protective clothing is introduced to you today.

Electromagnetic radiation is a complex electromagnetic wave, which transfers energy with the change of the electric field and the magnetic field with each other with time. Human life activities consist of a series of bioelectric activities, which are very sensitive to the electromagnetic waves of the environment. Therefore, electromagnetic radiation can cause damage and damage to the human body.

Carbon fiber protective clothing are classified according to the radiation of electromagnetic radiation dose and radiation structure, develop product data protection standard in different places, different response from the electromagnetic radiation pollution protection electromagnetic radiation protection, electromagnetic wave type: medium wave, shortwave, ultrashort wave, infrared, ultraviolet.

Protection electromagnetic wave frequency range: 10MHz-3000MHz, electromagnetic wave shielding efficiency: > 99.9%, antibacterial, dustproof, anti static.

The users of carbon fiber protective clothing is suitable for various places with electromagnetic radiation pollution, mainly for power, medical, finance, telecommunications, news, education, railway, aviation, coal mines, military, professional women, pregnant women and other systems and people.

Carbon fiber protective clothing can be divided into: display equipment, microwave oven, induction cooker and other products of the production, manufacturing and maintenance personnel; radio, radio and television, telecommunications, satellite receiver, microwave transmission tower staff; high frequency welding, heating, drying, workers, power transmission equipment, communications, power operation therapy laboratory and other industries.

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