Now for a new material for sports equipment is mainly some composite materials, and in the composite family, carbon fiber composite material and is one of the best, in a sense, the sports sports equipment for high quality is more important to improve the micro world record performance to promote the use of new materials and equipments thus, play a better level, then, whether sports equipment made of carbon fiber composite material has the advantages of what?

The coefficient of thermal expansion is small: the thermal expansion coefficient is not sensitive to the change of temperature, and it will not change its structure due to the change of temperature. It will be the best choice for some carbon fiber composites.

Light quality: like some golf clubs, tennis racket which need human action equipment, the quality of light can make athletes sense of weight loss, even some of the dynamic effects of racing, sailing and also hope to be able to realize the lightweight, the density of carbon fiber composite materials in 1.6-2.0g/ cm3, can effectively reduce the weight of the object.

High specific strength and high specific modulus: the strength and specific modulus of carbon fiber composites are the highest in the existing structural materials, and the outstanding strength and specific modulus make them suitable for making light, strong and rigid products.

Design: a remarkable feature of carbon fiber composite material is anisotropic, by changing the fiber out way, local enhancement or enhanced in a certain direction, the stress condition, to maximize the effect of the use of sports equipment, it is generally difficult to achieve metal materials.

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