The UAV as a kind of high-tech products, can be used as aerial protection, irrigation, geological survey, early production of UAV material for Aluminum Alloy, there is a small part of the titanium alloy and steel, but was gradually replaced by carbon fiber composite material, then carbon fiber drones actually what are the advantages? Let’s introduce you to you today.

Before making use of metal materials, although the strength meets the requirement, but ignore the most important points of the UAV, it is losing weight, metal material density is relatively large, resulting in too much weight, and carbon fiber composite material is a new material with light weight and high strength, density of carbon fiber composite material at 1.7g/cm3, it can also adopt integrated molding process, reduce unnecessary parts, to a certain extent, also can reduce the weight, the strength of carbon fibre composite material than steel several times, can guarantee the carrying capacity of the UAV and prolonging the endurance.

Carbon fiber composite material with energy absorbing earthquake, to ensure stationarity, during the flight in addition, carbon fiber composite material, stable size, thermal expansion coefficient is small, not easy to change with temperature and deformation, the UAV working environment different, some may need to face the harsh environment, carbon fiber composite material with high working temperature, and fire retardant, ensure the safety, the carbon fiber composite material is a kind of non metal materials, resistance to chemical corrosion, good not only that, it also has anti aging resistance, can be used for a long time.

In general, the trend of carbon fiber composites to make unmanned aerial vehicles is unstoppable.

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