With the development of science, carbon fiber, a new material, has gradually come into my life. The first thing to think about carbon fiber is automobile industry and sporting goods industry. At the very beginning, it was mainly used in aerospace, aviation and military fields. Even now, these two fields still represent the highest technology of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber tube is one of the most basic carbon fiber materials. Below is the application of CFRP on aircraft wing.

Using the carbon fiber tube on the wing, the quality is light, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance and long service life. The plane can fly in the sky, on the wing under pressure, so during the flight, the wing to withstand great resistance, ordinary materials, in such a large resistance had been torn to pieces, not to mention the fly, high strength carbon fiber tube, let it not be external pressure, normal work. As we all know, the lighter the mass, the smaller the driving force you need to fly and the less resistance. The weight of carbon fiber is only about 1/4 of the steel, and the same as that of the resin, which can save the use of fuel. Of course, the use of carbon fiber tubes in the aircraft, the quality requirements will be higher, the test is more stringent. If the quality of the aircraft has a problem, the consequences will be unthinkable.

Carbon fiber tube as the skeleton structure in aircraft wings, can look at the pictures, in the framework of the surface covered with a layer of material is the complete wing. In addition to the wing frame, the carbon fiber tube has a lot of function. If you need this high performance material, welcome to our company to customize it.

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