Composition of carbon fiber products

Carbon fiber products are microcrystalline graphite materials obtained by carbonization and graphitization of organic fibers. The microstructure of carbon fiber products similar to artificial graphite, is a random graphite structure.

Carbon fiber products is a new material with excellent mechanical properties, its proportion less than steel 1/4, tensile strength of carbon fiber composite resin products are generally more than 3500Mpa, is 7 to 9 times the steel, the tensile modulus of elasticity 23000 ~ 43000Mpa also higher than the steel. Therefore, the specific strength of CFRP material density and its density ratio can reach 2000Mpa / (g / cm3) above, and the A3 steel specific strength of only about 59Mpa / (g / cm3), the specific modulus is also higher than steel. The higher the specific strength of the material, the smaller the self-weight of the component is and the higher the specific modulus is, the greater the stiffness of the component is. In this sense, the broad application prospect of carbon fiber products in engineering is forecasted. Looking at a variety of emerging composite materials Such as polymer composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites), many people expect that human beings are entering the era of extensive application of composite materials from the steel age in the application of materials.

Carbon fiber products can be divided into:

Carbon fiber products can be polyacrylonitrile fiber, asphalt fiber, viscose rayon or phenolic fiber obtained by carbonization; according to the state is divided into filament, short fiber and chopped fiber; according to the mechanical properties of general-purpose and high performance type. Universal carbon fiber products have a strength of 1000 MPa and a modulus of about 100 GPa. High-performance carbon fiber products are divided into high-strength (strength 2000MPa, modulus 250GPa) and high model (modulus 300GPa and above). Intensity greater than 4000MPa is also known as ultra-high-strength type; modulus greater than 450GPa called the ultra-high model. With the development of aerospace and aviation industry, high-strength high-stretch carbon fiber products have also emerged, with an elongation of more than 2%. The largest amount of polyacrylonitrile PAN-based carbon fiber products.

Where is the current application:

Currently more commonly used carbon fiber products are mainly polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber products and asphalt carbon fiber products. The manufacture of carbon fiber products includes fiber spinning, thermal stabilization (pre-oxidation), carbonization, graphitization and other four processes. The accompanying chemical changes include dehydrogenation, cyclization, oxidation and deoxygenation.

Tensile properties of carbon fiber products tested

Carbon fiber products can be processed into fabrics, felt, seats, belts, paper and other materials. In addition to the traditional use of carbon fiber products used as thermal insulation materials, generally not alone, and more as a reinforcing material added to the resin, metal, ceramics, concrete and other materials to form a composite material. Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can be used as substitute materials for body structures such as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding materials and artificial ligaments, as well as for manufacturing rocket housings, motor boats, industrial robots, automotive leaf springs and drive shafts.

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