Amateur photographers and professional photographers know that only when the right time and right place is pressed, can we get a picture that is perfect in all respects. At the time of parting, the first step out of the child, the reversal of 360 degrees on the fly and the moment on the sunset, you can miss it entirely by half a second later. Ten years ago, digital cameras became popular, but now it has almost been replaced by a better performance SLR camera, with a clearer picture of a single shot. But it has a disadvantage. It’s too heavy. If carbon fiber is used, it can give it a lot of weight.

When digital cameras have just appeared in the market, there is a rush for people to buy, and park sights are everywhere. It is more convenient than the film camera, and the dislike photos can be deleted, it will not cause waste, the volume weight is very small, and it is convenient to carry. The SLR camera is superior to the image definition in the picture. When it comes out, it is also popular. However, there are few people who play the game with SLR. The most important reason is that the weight is too heavy and the volume is too large, so it is very inconvenient to carry. It is not convenient for people to travel with water, food, and a heavy camera. People in the media, or photographers, are more likely to take a SLR camera. Producers are also aware of this problem, so the invention has a much lighter weight, but the effect is a little worse than the single counter.

The shell parts of a SLR are much lighter if they are replaced with carbon fibers, and now vehicles and other vehicles, such as cars, are also using carbon fiber. Its weight is light, and its intensity is very large. The camera is also a precision instrument, and the price is not cheap. The shell with high strength can protect the internal structure when the external force is impacting. In addition, carbon fiber also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which can be used in all kinds of external environment.

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