With the progress of material science, recreational equipment is becoming more and more light, and its performance is becoming more and more excellent, especially competition equipment assists athletes to achieve good achievements. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin (BF/EP) has the best strength and specific modulus. But because of its complex manufacturing technology, it has not been produced in bulk yet, and the price is very expensive, and the application is limited.

High strength carbon fiber and high modulus carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite material has good specific strength and specific modulus, and has been mass produced. It is the main material for manufacturing leisure sports equipment. The world’s total production of carbon fiber about 1/3 used in the manufacture of sports and leisure equipment manufacturing, sports and leisure equipment with the general level of carbon fiber T300, elongation is small (1.5%), poor toughness and elongation of products, if the large glass fiber (GF) or aramid fiber (KF) mixing enhancement, can improve the toughness. It can reduce the production cost. The advantage of glass fiber is the elongation at break. The fatal weakness is low tensile modulus. It is reinforced with carbon fiber, which complements each other and makes its performance more perfect.

A large part of recreational equipment is made by using carbon fiber composites or hybrid composites. The famous Russian pole vault athlete Isinbayeva repeatedly broke the world record for the pole pole is made of composite material of carbon fiber and glass fiber manufacturing. The pole is composed of three layer, the outer layer of high strength carbon fiber, given the pole with high strength and flexibility, the intermediate fiber ribbon fabric may be twisted together, the inner layer is a glass fiber ribbon, to prevent the pole fracture under the state of stress or kink.

When the take-off, the pole impact is greatly deformed, can be quickly accepted the kinetic energy into potential energy, stored up; when the pole is restored to its original shape when the stored deformation potential with elastic potential energy for athletes, the human bomb “ ” play. At the same time, the pole force can quickly reduce the bending rod around the plug forward rotation radius, increase the vibration angular velocity, the vertical pole quickly, make the athlete to complete the pole vault. So, the pole vault is the conversion of kinetic energy and potential energy of the process, the composite pole provides high conversion rate, creating a world record.

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