With the progress of science and technology, carbon fiber materials have also been widely used in sports equipment, such as skiing. In order to meet the requirements of light weight and large rigidity, most of the traditional sports goods are made of wood and its composite materials. The carbon fiber composite plate is made of a unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg cloth stacked in a multi-layer and sequentially laminated one, and the carbon fiber direction of any adjacent two layer unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg cloth is arranged in an angle. Therefore, it has been widely used in sports goods, which accounts for about 40% of the total carbon fiber consumption in the world.

Carbon fiber has high strength and modulus, but it has poor wettability and adhesiveness with the resin. Before the preparation of composite materials, surface treatment of fibers is needed. Carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP) is a kind of composite with good strength, stiffness and heat resistance.

Carbon fiber skis provided by using carbon fiber composite plate as a reinforcing material, the unidirectional carbon fiber pre carbon fiber composite board is composed of multi-layer cross laminated cloth dipped in one thermoset molding, unidirectional carbon fiber pre dip direction of different carbon fiber cloth can provide different direction rigidity and stress balance in the horizontal plane on the whole the carbon fiber composite board, which can ensure that the carbon fiber composite plate with high strength, and carbon fiber with high strength and light weight, which makes carbon fiber with high strength and ski has a light weight.

The skis made of carbon fiber reinforced composites are characterized by large rigidity, friction resistance, and less exertion at the bottom of the foot in turn, slope and cross-country. The skiing stick made with CFRF is also famous in the sports world.

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