Golf is a kind of sport that many people like. It can not only exercise the body, but also cultivate patience. It can be called a ball aristocrat. “ carbon fiber rod is better than steel performance? ” as we all know, carbon fiber is a new high performance composite material, and steel is a traditional material that has been tested for a long time. What kind of performance is better than them?

With the development of the times, the emergence of several golf rod, there are mainly traditional type, parallel type of steel, steel and special steel light steel. The traditional steel is Jane shaped, towards the place below the pole is fine, the style is old, the weight is heavy; parallel type steel weight lighter, because by rod tip in parallel type name; light steel, as the name suggests, it is very light weight, can hit the ball farther.; light steel is one of the most light, but the price is very expensive.

Carbon fiber golf clubs were first started in 70s, and the clubs were criticized because they were too distorted and too soft to meet the needs of the players. After adding boron fiber to carbon fiber, the hardness of the carbon fiber is greatly improved, and it is widely welcomed by the athletes.

Carbon fiber is better than steel in terms of strength, weight and corrosion resistance. But a golf club with good performance is not only material but also its own structure. It consists mainly of three parts, the rod head, the rod and the grip, and the three parts work together to maximize the effect. Back to the original question, can not say that it is better than carbon fiber rod steel is good, but some of its performance is better than steel is superior, as for how to work, or to see the user himself.

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