Carbon fiber and composite material is accompanied by the development of military industry, the last century, in 50s the U.S. – Soviet cold war weapons, in order to solve the heat issue, scientists have tested numerous kinds of carbon fiber materials, this last selected high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, fiber volume weight. After years of development, carbon fiber has been used in many industries, and its products are varied.

So far, carbon fiber can be used in the fields of Aeronautics and Astronautics, automobile industry, transportation, construction, sports supplies, chemical energy and environmental engineering. In the automotive industry, it can make the body, drive shaft, brakes, interiors, license plate frame, rearview mirror, manufacturing process has spread, winding, molding, injection molding; electronics industry, carbon fiber conductive, can make the shell, the support and the bottom plate, usually by injection molding method; the construction field, use the most the carbon fiber board, carbon fiber and carbon fiber rod, before two kinds of reinforcement, carbon fiber rods directly used in building structure. Energy, wind power blades, the fuel cell can use carbon fiber material, process for winding, stacking and molding; sporting goods, its application is more commonly used in golf, racket, tennis, table tennis, ski; other hand, it can make the pressure tank, flywheel, shaft products.

It is seen from the above that carbon fiber products are widely used and are still expanding.

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