Carbon fibers are made of organic polymers consisting of long chains of carbon atoms, such as phenolic fibers and polyacrylonitrile fibers, with a carbon content of up to 95%. Its stiffness is two times that of steel, its strength is four times that of steel, and its weight is only 1/4 of its weight. The products made are light, high-strength, and more durable. Carbon fiber is a non-toxic material itself, but the process of production involves a series of chemical reactions, and it is necessary to add various additives to the environment. With the improvement of production level and the people’s increasing attention to the quality of the environment, the production of carbon fiber is gradually developing to the direction of green.

In the process of carbon fiber production, the raw material must be preoxidized at 1000 degrees C and carbonization at 2000 C to make carbon fiber precursor, which requires a lot of heat. In addition, the strength and quality of various kinds of energy, such as gas, liquid and so on, are also needed. This is achieved by controlling the variables such as temperature, pressure, time and other variables. Serious air pollution can be caused by not paying enough attention to the volatiles during production. HCN and NH3 are discharged into the air, causing harm to people’s health. CO, CO2 and so on aggravate the greenhouse effect.

Since the industrial revolution, a large number of sewage and waste gas have been discharged, and environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the wetlands have been reduced and dust storms are raging. It is better to take China, even the southern region has a continuous fog and haze weather, more and more people are infected with respiratory diseases. Carbon fiber, as a new material, is applied to more and more industries and will be used more widely in the future. So people are studying the production methods of green environment and minimizing environmental pollution. Although the current technology is not completely pollution-free, it has made great progress than before. It is believed that it will meet the requirements of green environmental protection in the future.

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