The propeller refers to the rotation of blades by air or water. It is a device that transforms the power of the engine into propulsion. It has been connected by two or more leaves to the hub, and the back side of the blade is a propeller with a helical surface or a spiral surface. The propeller is divided into many kinds, and the application is very wide, such as the propeller of the aircraft, the ship and so on. Today I’ll introduce the carbon fiber power parachute propeller.

The power umbrella is the safest kind of flight in the aircraft, and even in the air, it can glide like a glider like a glider. The power parachute wheel and the back are two, and the wheel is safer than the back, because the landing of the athlete is the setting of a shock absorber. Now the domestic power umbrella is imported, the price is more expensive, there is no factory production at home.

Carbon fiber has excellent characteristics as follows: light weight, small density; the super high strength and modulus; the fiber is thin and soft; the wear resistance, fatigue resistance, vibration absorbing excellent physical mechanical properties; the acid, alkali and salt corrosion, forming porous, surface activity, strong adsorption of activated carbon fiber; the small thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, energy storage and does not appear overheated; high temperature combustion, good dimensional stability, thermal decomposition temperature is 800 degrees centigrade, the limiting oxygen index 55; the conductivity, X ray transmittance and electromagnetic shielding is good; and with lubrication, do not stick in the molten metal in the lower wear rate of composite materials; – good biocompatibility, physiological adaptability.

Therefore, the propeller made of carbon fiber has high safety and durability, which brings safety protection to the fan in the flight movement.

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