The carbon fiber has been found in 1860, but was not used in automotive and other fields, and after a period of time not to mention carbon fiber, until the 1950 U.S. needs to find a high temperature resistant and high strength materials, carbon fiber will once again find out, through continuous research and development, the performance of carbon fiber becomes more and more outstanding. Carbon fiber plate is one of the typical products of carbon fiber. This paper mainly analyzes some characteristics of carbon fiber plate.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a high strength structural component. Its tensile strength is 10 times higher than that of ordinary steel. Tensile strength reflects the fracture resistance of materials, so CFRP will not break easily when facing high tensile force. Then carbon fiber plate is much lighter than other plates. The density of carbon fiber is smaller than that of other structural materials, and the carbon fiber plate produced can reduce self weight.

The fiber has excellent high temperature resistance, and some high temperature resistant carbon fiber plate can work stably under high temperature at 300-400 degrees, and it can also fire and flame retardant, and effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. Moreover, the thermal stability coefficient of carbon fiber is small, and the deformation and bending of carbon fiber board will not be caused by the change of temperature. Most of the metal materials are most afraid of oxidation reaction. The carbon fiber plate has good aging resistance. It is inert for some corrosion, which ensures the carbon fiber board can work for a long time.

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