Tornadoes, like tsunamis, thunderstorms, and sandstorms, are a very destructive phenomenon of spontaneous combustion. Once they occur, the damage is unpredictable. How fragile the house, the car, and the trees were under its attack, was destroyed in a flash and could not be vulnerable. The most frightening thing is that the tornado is difficult to predict. It is very fast, and it is often found that the loss has been caused. Tough reinforced concrete can’t resist the tornado’s attack. Is there a stronger material to make people free from disaster?

The answer is, it’s carbon fiber. From the invention to the present, carbon fiber is widely applied. It can be used in automobile manufacturing, sporting goods, aerospace, medical devices, etc., and other small items, such as bicycle frame, spectacle frame, mechanical parts, etc., can be made of carbon fiber. In the construction industry, CFRP and CFRP can be used to repair damaged buildings and increase their service life, but they are not used to build houses directly. Scientists say that if carbon fiber materials are used to build a house, it will be very strong and can withstand tornadoes. The most common building materials are wood, stone and reinforced concrete. The reinforced concrete is a very solid material, but it is still so bad in front of the tornado.

Carbon fibers are excellent in strength, toughness, weight, chemical properties, and so on, so if they are used to build a house, it must be very strong. But it has not been implemented yet, there are two reasons. The first is because of the cost of the relationship. The cost of carbon fiber materials is high, and the cost of building houses is too high, and most people can’t afford it. The second reason is that no one takes the lead in building a house with carbon fiber, and does not know what the actual effect is, and it is still in the wait-and-see stage.

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