When it comes to aircraft, the weight is money. The heavier the weight of the aircraft, the greater the driving force needed, the more the fuel needed and the higher cost. The strength of carbon fiber is unbelievable, weight is lighter than aluminum, and strength is higher than steel. Carbon fiber wings are long and thin to reduce resistance and save fuel. Its design takes into account aerodynamic efficiency, reduces noise, and provides more freedom for designers. This article talks about the material that makes the aircraft lighter and stronger.

The history of carbon fiber can be traced back to the late nineteenth Century, the famous inventor Thomas · Edison, used carbon fiber as a filament in a light bulb. The materials at the time lacked the current tensile strength, but considerable thermal tolerance helped to transmit electricity. Edison used cellulose based materials to make carbon fibers, such as cotton or bamboo. After 1950, high tensile carbon fibers were found, which were made of polyacrylonitrile, asphalt and other materials. These high strength carbon fibers have obvious advantages, such as light weight, high modulus, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

At first, carbon fiber was used only in military aircraft, and it was a kind of military material that was technically confidential. Now, civil aircraft also begin to use this material.

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