The most economical way is to reinforce and repair the building when it is constantly damaged in use. The application of carbon fiber composites in strengthening the repair of concrete structures has been paid more attention both at home and abroad, and the research and development of carbon fiber composites have been studied. In the late 1980s, new technologies of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (mfrc) for reinforcing and repairing buildings were developed in the late 1980s. They were widely applied in 90s. After the Japanese earthquake test in 1994 and the reconstruction after the 1999 China earthquake, carbon fibers also played an important role.

The carbon fiber used in the building, there are three main aspects to consider, first of all need to establish a set of different from the traditional method of reinforcing design and construction specifications, then need to establish new materials and design methods of the basic theory of database, and finally the development of new materials for this new technology, such as carbon fiber woven cloth unidirectional cloth, fabrics, resin, adhesive backing and new construction equipment, and gradually formed the industry. In general, our country’s currently used reinforcement and repair technology is still very backward, new technology and new materials are used very little, which will be phased out. Carbon fiber reinforcement repair, as a new technology, has been welcomed by various countries, and it has proved that it is really effective.

The traditional method of repairing bridges is round piers steel will then spot welding seam, the middle is filled with cement. Steel plate is easy to rust, and it is troublesome to maintain regularly every year. If carbon fiber material is used, it will only need to paste carbon fiber on the carbon fiber, which will omit a lot of work and cost. Later, it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Not only is used for strengthening and repairing, carbon fiber rods can also be directly used in building structure, carbon fiber felt can be mixed in concrete, at present, its use in architecture is not too much, but people have been aware of the importance of it, is widely used.

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