Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material, and can be made into carbon fiber composite after compounding with related resin. Its carbon content is higher than 90%. Those whose carbon content is above 95% is also called graphite fiber. At present, people can not use graphite fiber directly to extract carbon fiber, but only polyacrylonitrile fiber, asphalt fiber and viscose fiber are used as raw materials. The excellent performance of carbon fiber can be used in various industries, including the biomedical industry, and then why it can be used to make artificial bones.

The weight of the carbon fiber is light, and the weight of the fiber is only 9000 meters long. The weight is only 19 grams, the intensity is very high, the tensile strength is above 3500 MPa, the chemical performance is stable, the corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and salt is high, and the ability of high temperature resistance is greater than 3000 degrees Celsius. It is also a conductive material. Carbon fiber is a carbon based material, and it has good compatibility with organisms, and can be used as a substitute for human body. Specific cases include muscle tissue, artificial prosthesis, artificial bone, such as repairing or replacing the defect skull, patella, repairing the abdominal wall and meninges. Apart from the bones, it can also be made into ligaments and tendons to give new hope to the disabled.

Other carbon fiber materials can be used in the field of sports products, aerospace, military safety, industrial manufacturing and so on. With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, the scope is still further expanding.

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