Flying into the sky and overlooking the earth is the dream of many people. With the improvement of science and technology, the aero models that can achieve flight and flight are becoming more and more popular. Now many aerial photographing enthusiasts want to have a sturdy and stable model to realize the fun of free shooting. More and more objects are getting bigger and bigger. Light, anti – aging and wear-resistant materials can take on the task of making aircraft models. Carbon fiber material is lighter than aluminum. It is one of the most ideal materials for making aero models than steel. Let’s introduce the technology of lightweight carbon fiber Die accessories.

Although the motor and battery equipment are progressing continuously, the power system of the aircraft model is more and more sufficient, but the light weight of the fuselage is still the problem of the continuous public relations of many model manufacturers. The biggest advantage of carbon fiber die parts relative to other materials is light weight. The lighter the overall model is, the smaller the power required for flight and the ability to enhance its endurance. In addition, carbon fiber has the characteristics of high fatigue value, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In the past, it was more suitable for use in space shuttle and rocket.

Manufacturing process of carbon fiber aircraft mold parts

First of all, a special mold should be opened for the design shape and size of the model components. The mould can be made of steel mould, wood model and FRP mould according to the production demand. After the mold is open, it begins to formally enter the production process. First, apply the mold release agent on the mold, then brush the resin to lay the carbon fiber cloth; then use the high temperature curing, then remove the solidified parts from the mold; make the machining carvings, grinding and polishing for the parts.
Carbon fiber aircraft wing
In the process of production, there are many details to be paid attention to: (1) carbon fiber wire needs to be prepreg in resin after a certain structure is made into carbon fiber cloth, which is called prepreg. Carbon fiber prepreg needs high temperature hot press on the hot press, stable at about 80 degrees to 160 degrees, the pressure range is 2 ~ 8MPa, and it is cooled for more than ten minutes. 3. The carbon fiber processed sheet needs to be trimming and drilling on the engraving machine. (4) it is necessary to apply hot melt adhesive on carbon fiber sheet and then make injection molding in the mold after it is dry. The injection is generally used in the way of vacuum introduction to avoid the appearance of bubbles and affect the quality of the products.

The model is not only a tool for entertainment, but also a great help to the production and life. With the continuous progress of production technology, more and more people will use it. The production of carbon fiber aero model has some complexity. The model manufacturers can directly associate with the new products of the British company for processing and technical exchanges. At the same time, remind the majority of model enthusiasts to pay attention to safe driving, there is a wounding accident.